Welcome to the Economic Research in Scotland website!


Welcome to the Economic Research in Scotland website. Scotland has been slowly moving towards self-governance over the last decade, but in the interests of a successful devolution we need to ensure that our economy is growing and capable of providing everything the people require. The Scottish people deserve an independent country that is reliant on nothing but the hard work of its own population.

This website is run by prominent Scottish economists who have a vested interest in a healthy and strong Scottish economy. In fact, everyone in Scotland has a vested interest in a healthy Scottish economy. For this reason we conduct regular economic reviews to inspect the current state of the Scottish economy and identify and problems or weak spots that we can, which if tackled can lead to significant improvements in Scottish trade and industry.

We want to see Scottish businesses thrive, and new businesses proliferate, driving the country on to new and greater prosperity. And of course an obvious consequence of this would be an increase in job opportunities. Unemployment in Scotland is higher than the UK average and we see no reason for this to be so. There is no reason to accept this status quo. Together we can make Scotland strong and proud, and a key player not just in the context of the United Kingdom, and not just in the context of the European Union, but in the context of the global marketplace. If you are interested in Economic Research in Scotland, feel free to contact us.




Welcome to the Economic Research in Scotland website

In these troubled economic times every country is looking for ways to cut costs, to work more efficiently, and thus to maintain a healthy, growing economy. Scotland is no different, and with one eye on devolution and further autonomy, we need to ensure our economy is strong and moving in the right direction. For this reason we believe that economic research in Scotland can only benefit our future. Help us to make this country strong, and independent. Why not get in touch with our Economic Research in Scotland experts to learn more.